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Annual General Meeting on Friday, 18th November 2016 at 7.30pm
Please note that proposals to add to or amend Club Rules or simply proposals for discussion at the AGM must be made in writing by the Proposer and seconded. They must be submitted to the Club Secretary twenty - one days before the AGM and will be exhibited on the Club Notice Board fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.

Maureen Costello (Club Sec.)
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Message from the Vice – Chairman: Rob Rixon
It would be pleasant for me to report on the well - being of  everything at the club, but the fact that I write this ‘the Chairman’s slot’ as Vice-Chairman would indicate that there have been problems. Our new Constitution, agreed at the 2016 EGM, has a main object which states that ‘we are to Play and Promote the game of Bowls’. It is a pity that this could not be the main part of my report to you, but I felt that our successes and failures on the Greens of Suffolk should be left to others in this newsletter. However, my congratulations go to our successful players.

It is always distressing when a club loses an Officer during the season – the inevitable consequences of this are that there are a number of vacancies on the Committee that need to be filled at the AGM in November. I hope that members will come forward to fill these vacancies to ensure that the club continues to run efficiently and that we have a much happier 2017 with all members pulling together. 

Message from our President: Anthony Foulger
We have now come to the end of another somewhat eventful bowling season. What with one thing and another it has been a rather
difficult period. Hopefully we can regroup and with all our members help, get back to a happy settled club.

Disappointing results with some of our league teams, my team being relegated from division one of Bury & District and some of our teams struggling in their respective leagues.

On a brighter note we did rather well in various competitions. Sandy winning the Suffolk Ladies singles and competing at
Skegness, also playing for the Suffolk Ladies team and being successful, winning the Donald Stewart National Competition.

Vivienne and myself were Area D winners and Suffolk semi-finalist in the Senior Mixed Pairs. Julia and Vivienne were the Bury
League Ladies Pairs winners, a first for our club!

Good wishes to Jane and Syd who have recently been in the wars, a speedy recovery!

On a sad note Peggy Ashford and Hilary Coxford, much loved and respected members passed away, Peggy after a short illness and Hilary after a long illness bravely borne.

We will be preparing the green ready for next season. Keep fit and healthy over the winter period and hopefully we will see you all
next season.     

Before writing this report I looked back to my last season’s report and noticed that I had six hopes for the 2016 season. They
1.    We stay in Division One of both the Stowmarket League Monday and Bury League Thursday
2.    We run three teams on a Tuesday afternoon
3.    We flood the County and League competitions with entries
4.    We manage to win two Junior Cup games
5.    Everybody reads the notice boards
6.    We all stay fit and healthy
So how did we do?

Half right. The Monday team made a particularly good start but fell away at the end of the season but still managed a creditable 6th position. The Bury League team, again started well, but struggled at the end of the season and finished second bottom and was relegated.

Well, we did run three teams on a Tuesday afternoon, but with mixed success. The ‘C’ team in particular struggled with a lack of availability and it was only towards the very end of the season that any sort of consistency was achieved. The league position was not good, but results were encouraging and they did finish higher than the ‘B’ team!

Entries for County and League competitions were high with no little success. We had semi-finalists, finalists and winners
across the competitions. The President in his report will give more detail of our successes. Apart from the chance of being successful, entering these competitions is a great way to gain experience and play in a very competitive environment. 

Undoubtedly the team highlight of the year was us winning Area D and only losing by 1 shot to Norbridge in the County semi-final of the Junior Cup. We didn’t just achieve my hope of winning two games, we beat St Eds, Ixworth, Great Barton and Greene King during the best cup run this club has had since the 60’s.

Everybody reading the notice board was clearly a hope too far.

In an ageing membership it was inevitable that sickness, injury and ill-health would take its toll. Sadly, Hilary Coxford passed away and other bowlers were unavailable for a variety of unfortunate reasons. When considering which teams to enter next season, this factor has to be taken into account.

So what does the 2017 season hold in store?
Clearly the issue of which teams and which leagues is crucial. All bowlers have been invited to give their views. The letter I sent
out some weeks ago to all bowlers and can be found under the Teams for 2017 tag.

We have our AGM on Friday 18th November, when we will be electing not only the Officers of the Club under our new constitution,
but also those most important of individuals – the team captains. Please be there.
Thank you, David Maycock

Stowmarket Monday League A team - Captain Viv Sword
For the first time for a number of years we ended the season neither scrabbling to stay in the first division nor striving to be promoted
from the second! Thanks to a very good start, we ended comfortably away from the relegation zone, although, we only managed one point from our last two games!! This may have been my fault as I told the team to ‘relax’ not realising just how much they would take me at my word!! So, very well done everyone in the squad. Some rinks worked better than others and next year a complete reshuffle will be needed as I am likely to lose yet more current A team players.

Stowmarket Tuesday Afternoon B team - Captain Keith Kendrick
The Tuesday Afternoon B team didn’t reach the level in this league as I had expected. I think a lot of this was due to the high standards of the teams we were playing, many of whom were of a much better level than League 3, and this was our first season. However, we did manage to get to the second round of the Thurlow Shield. Hopefully we will improve next season.

Wednesday Triples League - Captain Margaret Brown
My team jelled well, played their best but sadly we achieved poor results.  A special mention to Barbara Startup who was the only player in my team to compete in all 18 League games and also Eric a 100% supporter.
Once again, thanks to everyone who supported me this season in any way.

Thursday Bury League A team – Captain Anthony Foulger
Well, another disappointing season having again been relegated to the second division. This may be a good thing as I expect to lose players next year through one reason and another. At one time it looked as we might survive but losing our last three games heavily to Ixworth, Hengrave and Brandon sealed our fate. The Brandon fixture was rearranged, due to a waterlogged green, on a date when we should have completed our fixtures. Unfortunately, some of my players had booked holidays which meant I had to temporarily transfer B team players in order to field a full team. Many thanks to Christine for her cooperation and those players who helped me out.

On a bright note next season we avoid a trip to Brandon and look forward to Stanniforth. Thanks to all my players who supported me during the season and look forward to seeing you next season.   

Ladies – Captain Viv Sword
Although, disappointingly, Risbygate Ladies had to cancel the fixture (they couldn’t raise a team!) Stanniforth Ladies came good this year. We enjoyed a lovely sunny afternoon playing bowls in the idyllic setting of The Kings Garden in Thetford. This was followed by an excellent tea and, by the way, we won!

The Breakfast Club will take place on the last Friday of each month (during the closed season) starting on Friday October 28th / November 25th / December 23rd.  Breakfast will be served between 9.30 and 10.30am at a cost of £4.50. Anyone wishing to attend should put their names on the list which is displayed on the club notice board.

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