Teams and Leagues for 2017

There is some concern that our likely active bowling membership for next season will not be sufficient to enable us to enter the
same number of teams next season as we have this.

This season it has been a struggle to raise some teams; particularly on a Monday evening and a Tuesday afternoon.

Our current entries are:
Monday evening Stowmarket League: Two teams of 12
Tuesday afternoon Stowmarket League: Three teams of 6
Tuesday evening Area D Triples League: One team of 12
Wednesday evening Stowmarket League: One team of 12
Thursday evening Bury League: Two teams of 12

One suggestion is that we drop one of the Monday evening teams and one of the Tuesday afternoon teams but enter a new team in the Monday afternoon Bury League. (This is a 6 bowler team).
You may have other suggestions.

I believe it is very important whatever leagues we enter, that we can fulfil our fixtures. It is unacceptable to enter leagues and then withdraw through lack of bowler availability. It is also very important that we have a captain for each team.

Your Committee has its next meeting on October 14th and I would ask that you give some response to this issue by then.  The Committee has no set plan and it will be your responses that dictate what bowling we have next season.

Please have your say.

Dave Maycock - Club Captain

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