This is the July 2018 copy of the Club's Newsletter

President, Maurice Costello, writes: We are now coming to the second half of the season.  Some match results have gone our way and others have not gone as we would have wished.  However, whatever the result we should put our names on the team sheet to support the club and Team Captains.  My thanks to all those who contributed and supported my President’s Day.  I feel that the entertainment and the meal were enjoyed by all. The club has some prestigious events coming up, the Area D Semi Finals and Finals, the last match we are hosting for Suffolk Ladies and at the month end the Bury Presidents’ Day.  Please give all these your support, especially Anthony for his Bury President’s Day.  Please look out for the team sheets for the Moira Hayward and the Tommy Cooper Memorial.

Message from the Chairman: Viv Sword This year has been very different for bowlers - too hot to bowl rather than the usual too cold or too wet!  You have to love the English weather, it’s never dull – except maybe on Winter days!  Our green has survived remarkably well, thanks to the daily attention it gets from Anthony, John and their team.  As the bowlers will know, many greens are now looking shabby – especially Staniforth, where there isn’t a blade of grass to be seen!  It has been a busy year at the Club with league and County events to organise and cater for.  On this subject a few more volunteers would be appreciated as the dozen or so ‘usual’ workers are getting a little tired.  So, if you can help please make yourself known to any Committee member.  As always, our bowling achievements are a little mixed, but we still have people in most of the Competitions, so good luck to them.  League success is somewhat varied, but I know the Captains are grateful to all their teams for their efforts.  The bowling season seems to fly by, so make the most of the time that’s left and support your Club in any way that you can.  It’s a great club with great facilities and it’s the envy of many smaller Clubs in the area.

PS: Congratulations to Margaret and Percy who have just got engaged!  I am sure everyone will want to join me in wishing them every happiness. 

Green Keeper: Anthony Foulger After a difficult time, pre – season, with heavy rain, moss and disease the green is now suffering from severe drought!  The sprinkler system is now on full time, however, on windy days the water does not always hit the right spots!  Apart from the brown areas the green is wearing and playing pretty well.  Moving the rinks frequently has kept the ends in reasonable condition. You may be surprised to know that at the time of writing there have been 50 matches played on the green.  By the end of the season the total games will be 100, this does not include roll-ups and individual games.  Despite the hard work and hours preparing the green it has been worthwhile!  To watch the Suffolk County Ladies playing, winning on all rinks and being happy with the green is most pleasing.  A big thanks to John for keeping the machinery ticking over, the regular green cutters and switchers.  Hopefully the rain will come soon and then the green will probably be flooded!

The Tommy Cooper Memorial Cup - Not so many people will remember Tommy Cooper.  He was Greenkeeper here for a number of years and, at the same time, managed Elmswell Bowls Green.  Before that, he was employed by Risbygate looking after two greens and the Tennis Court.  When he passed away more than 10 years ago, it seemed appropriate to recognise his service to the three clubs by holding an annual competition at each venue, by rotation, to play for a cup presented by his widow, Mrs Pam Cooper.  This has been a Charity Event with all proceeds such as rink fees and draw cards always being donated to the MacMillan Cancer Unit at West Suffolk Hospital.  This continued until this year when Elmswell felt unable to continue.  However, St Botolph’s and Risbygate wish that this event continues in Tommy’s memory together with ongoing support for Macmillan.  This will necessitate a change in format -12 players from each side playing here on Sunday 22nd July.  We do need your support, either playing or watching.  All interested will get at least part of a game, and as usual, the Cooper Family will be present. A list will be going up on the board shortly.  Please help to make this event for Charity a success. Thank You. Clive Foskett.              

Sandy Sargeant: Club Captain  The season is more than halfway through, let’s hope this beautiful bowling weather continues.  I would like to wish the members that are unwell at the moment a speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing you at the club soon.   


Irene Pibworth: Monday Afternoon Bury League: So far, we have enjoyed a good start to our season.  Up to and including 11th June we are third in the League which is really great.  We also progressed to the next round of the Knockout Tournament by beating St. Edmundsbury Blue 44 – 27.  Unfortunately, we have to play St Edmundsbury Gold away – we are not too keen on their Green or sand pit. Never mind, I shall play the same team on the 9th July and hopefully we shall just be amazing.  I would like to thank all my team members for doing so well.     

Viv Sword: Monday Stowmarket A Team: We are still in second place thanks to a good win over Ixworth on July 2nd.  As we all know, bowls is a funny game – we lost badly to Bildeston (the bottom club) and yet managed to take six points off Ixworth, who, at that time were above us in the league.  My sincere thanks to everyone in my squad for their support.  We have some tough games coming up!     

Philippa Rixon / Brian Shurmer: Tuesday Stowmarket A Team: What a wheeze – you become captain of a team and then dump the responsibility on last year’s captain!!  I am so grateful to Brian Shurmer for taking this on and doing a good job on and off the rink – the results have been great – thanks Brian and well done the team.  I would also like to thank Margaret Brown for stepping into the captain’s role when needed – a true team spirit.  Thank you one and all. Philippa.

The season has been very good after a rather slow start and we have taken maximum points in our last 5 games.  We have a regular team which has been helpful, with nine players having participated.  I thank them all for their support and encouragement.  Hope that we can continue to maintain a good standard in the second half of the season.  We all wish Philippa well over the coming weeks. Brian Shurmer.

Bob Giles: Tuesday Stowmarket B Team: A Good start to the season.  My team have settled in well together and all are benefitting from the relaxed friendly and very enjoyable games.  Long may it last.  

Christine Foskett: Area D Triples - Due to circumstances beyond my control the beginning of the season did not get off to the start that I would have wished.  However, with thanks to some bowlers playing out of their comfort zone we have managed to maintain the same position that we finished in at the end of last season.  Thank you for coming into the squad when I was desperate to field a team Billy, John and Peter and lately Chris.  At the time of writing this report we currently sit at fifth in the league, and I am hopeful we will continue to gain points to lift us further up the table.  Sadly, after reaching the final of the KO Cup last year, we unfortunately were knocked out in the first round of this year.  I hope the new members of the squad have enjoyed their games and feel they have benefitted from playing in what can be a very strong league.  Thank you all for your continued support in the final few games.   

Margaret Brown: Wednesday Stowmarket Triples Sadly, we have made the worst possible start to the season, winning only one game so far.  We have a happy squad who jell well together and try hard.  Eighteen players have been used in this team.  Hopefully we will achieve better results from now on.  Unfortunately, the Moira Hayward Competition had to be postponed due to the lack of players from Stanton but has been re- scheduled for 21st July when we hope to have an enjoyable game.  

Anthony Foulger: Thursday Bury League A Team - We are now more than halfway through the season and after winning Division 2 at a stroll we are now struggling to stay in Division 1.  Like most leagues there is a vast difference between the two divisions!  I feel some of us are not bowling at the same standard we were last season.  However, we must soldier on,  Brandon and Hengrave are also struggling so hopefully we can finish above them.  We had an exciting extra win in The Shield at Old Newton, only to lose by 2 shots to GK Staniforth on a very fast tricky green!  I hope my team members will continue to support me and we can finish on a high. 

Barry Pegram: Thursday Bury League B Team  Now we are halfway in the season we have had a good result so far, having had a slight blip with Risbygate but hopefully get some of the points back when we have the rearranged game which will be on Friday 20th July at Risbygate.  Thanks for bearing with me on this one.  All the same players will be asked to play for this game having had some high scores of 30: 33: 36: 38 and getting rink of the week with also lots in the 20s.  Keep it up and well done to everyone. We didn’t have much luck in the Shield Cup beating British sugar but losing to Green King. Thanks for all your support.

HIRING THE BOWLS CLUB PREMISES The Bowls Club Committee after much thought and discussion has agreed that the hiring of the Bowls Club Premises is restricted to Club Members and their immediate family.

REMINDER: FIRST AID and ACCIDENT BOOK If an accident occurs at the Bowls Club, it should be recorded right away in the Accident Book which can be found in the cupboard on the left -hand side of the Bar.  The door has a green first aid sign on it and a First Aid Kit is in the cupboard on the shelf.  The Accident Book is hanging up.

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