This is the October 2019 copy of the Club's News letter.

Message from the Chairman: Viv Sword - We have come to the end of another season, maybe not our most successful to date but, nevertheless, a busy and enjoyable one.  Thank you to all the Club Captains, the Committee and Officers, and all those who worked hard on the green and surrounding areas, the ladies who catered and everyone who worked in the bar – all of you have helped to make this a very special Club which is the envy of many bowlers in this area.  I would, however, like to say a special thank you to those members who organised this year’s Tournament. Maureen Costello and Keith Double who worked tirelessly to ensure there were enough teams entered and Keith, Denise Gallop and Cathy Double did a great job providing bacon rolls, teas and coffees.  This was their first year in charge of this event and it went without a hitch.  In fact, I am told they enjoyed it so much the same team will be doing next year’s Tournament!  Well done all of you.  Thank you also to Maurice Costello who, with Maureen did the scoring and David Maycock who arranged the bowling schedule.  A big thank you to Philippa and Rob who did a sterling job all day on the bar.  Once again there was a spectacular tea provided by Club members which raised £162 for McMillan Nurses.  The Club benefitted financially by £490 plus bar takings.  At this juncture I must, once again, thank our sponsors Gary and Betty Hails.  This year saw our roll ups move to a Friday evening.  Those of us who took part had an enjoyable time with a lively get together following the bowling. It would be good to see more Club members attending this, especially as it attracted a number of new people to come along and have a go at bowling.  I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Dinner and the AGM later in the year. 

Sandy Sargeant: Club Captain - Sadly the end of another season, it goes so quickly.  This year has been good for the club with some very good results.  Thanks, must go to all the captains: Viv Sword, Irene Pibworth, Philippa Rixon, Bob Giles, Christine Foskett, Margaret Brown, David Maycock, Barry Pegram and Rob Rixon for running the Friday practice sessions.  A special thank you to Anthony Foulger for running the club competitions and organising the finals day.  Our green has been especially good the last couple of years, it’s a pleasure to bowl on.  Thank you for all the hard work Anthony and co.I look forward to seeing everyone next season if not before at various functions.   


Irene Pibworth: Monday Afternoon Bury League: I would like to thank all my team members for playing and hope they enjoyed their games.  Unfortunately, we did not do as well as normal, but we had some close games.  We were bottom from last – so there is only one way to go and that is up.  I shall not be standing as captain next year but I hope the team do well. 

Viv Sword: Monday Evening Stowmarket ‘A’ Team: Unfortunately, we did not do so well this season. Last season we narrowly missed promotion, but this year we finished fourth in the league – there was an exciting week when we were second, but that didn’t last long!  Even that would not have been enough to secure promotion, as only the top team goes up nowadays.  We made a very slow start and lost one or two home games by a small margin.  Nevertheless, I am aware that everyone played to win and I am grateful for the support I received and the overall good - natured approach everyone took to matches.  I would like to say a particular thank you to the reserve members of the squad who turned out every time they were asked to do so.    

Philippa Rixon: Tuesday Stowmarket ‘A’ Team: We were delighted with the final results of our team.  We ended the season in 5th place, mid-table, which was an excellent result for us.  After a very challenging start by mid - June we were scoring well and crept up the tables. I had to call on all of the ten registered players to begin with but then we settled to fairly consistent teams calling on only two players to cover players.  We hope to continue with consistent teams for next season and see if we can threaten those further up the table.  Many thanks and congratulations to all who played this season. 

Bob Giles: Tuesday Stowmarket ‘B’ Team: Some people would say that this season for my team was poor, terrible, even disastrous, but we say it was enjoyable, we had social interaction, exercise, fresh air plus the odd dampening and a jolly good laugh together even when we lost.  We did have a moment of elation when we reached the semi-final of the Thurlow Shield, only losing by a few shots.  We were happy with our performance despite playing in heavy rain.  There is always another season, and when you are at the bottom the only way is up!  We were certainly getting better results as the season went on.  Let’s see, whatever happens we will have fun. 

Christine Foskett: Tuesday Area ‘D’ Triples League: The 2019 season for the Triples League will not go down in history as something spectacular.  We played twelve games, won seven and lost five.  This was a good average score overall and I am quite pleased to say that we held our position of fifth in the league on the final day.  We did reach the dizzy heights of second if only for one week, but that is something we can be justly proud of.  Sadly, we were knocked out of the Cup in the early stages losing to Ixworth by only three shots overall. The biggest drawback this year has been the fact that I have not been able to keep a regular squad system and here I must thank those players that helped me out by coming into the team at short notice, let us hope this can be rectified in 2020.  I am also hopeful that 2020 will bring more teams into the Triples League thus giving us more games to play.  Thank you to all my regular players for giving of your best all season and happy bowling to those going indoors. 

Margaret Brown: Wednesday Stowmarket Triples: 'What a great disappointment, finishing last in the league.’  My thanks too all 22 players who supported me and tried so hard.  Special thanks to those who provided transport and helped out when I was short of players. In the Moira Hayward Trophy, we again lost despite winning the first leg.  Better Luck to us all next season. 

David Maycock: Thursday Bury League ‘A’ Team: The aim for the season was to gain promotion and get straight back into Division 1. This was achieved winning the division by 2 and a half points from runners-up Great Barton. We were able to field a settled team each week based on four blocks that were chosen pre-season. Six bowlers played every match and a further 5 missed only one.  Paul Bailey joined mid-season, which coincided with Julia Maycock’s absence due to ill health. Steve Wilby, however, was that of Edna Buxton, Eileen Pegram and Billy Brown (Anthony Foulger stood in for Billy in one game and Preston Downing for Eileen in another), which ended with a record win of 10, drew one and lost three, with a shot difference of plus 130.  They were also ‘rink of the week’ on 3 occasions.  It is a team game, however, and there is an element of luck as to whom you are drawn against, but, nevertheless, an enviable record.  As a team we performed consistently well and despite losing our last game, closed out the season as champions.  In the Shield a very close victory over Division 1 team Greene King, was followed by a convincing defeat to another Division 1 team, Old Newton Blue.  These two Shield games give us a taste (as if we needed reminding) of what is to come next season.Finally, I would like to thank all the bowlers who turned out for the A team and all those caterers who provided tea for our home games. 

Barry Pegram: Thursday Bury League ‘B’ Team: Well we weren’t very lucky this year.  But after a winter’s rest we will come back refreshed and fighting fit ready to go get them next season hoping to keep near the top of Division 3 which we did very well last year. Maybe we will have some new players as well as our normal team, which should be good, as we all play well together.  Well done to all the winners on finals day.  If anyone wants to talk to me about the ‘B’ team for next year just give me a ring.  Thanks to everyone for your support, stay healthy over the winter.  Also, very well done to the ‘A’ team for their promotion.  

Competition Secretary: Anthony Foulger: Well another season is over!  Once again Finals day was dominated with just a few players! Two games were played on Friday evening to relieve the congestion.  This still meant that some finalists were playing four games, making it a long tiring day!  Hopefully more players will compete and pressurise the dominant players. Then we could see more than three rinks operating at the same time! Many thanks to those markers who helped me out.  Congratulations to all the winners, commiserations to the runners up, we hope to see you all on Presentation Night. Congratulations to Sandy for her triumph in the Bury & District Ladies singles, David and his team finishing Division 2 champions in the Thursday Bury & District League. Well done Ladies for winning ‘The Battle of the Sexes’.  Well done Barry, I know the season didn’t go well for you, but I also know the phoning around and the problems you had to get a team each week. It must be frustrating to go down to the club to collect the team sheet to find so many N/A against players names. There does not seem to be the same commitment nowadays.  Philippa Rixon and Preston Downing provided valuable holiday cover playing 4 games between them.  All blocks acquitted themselves well throughout the season with the odd tweak towards the end. The stand-out block

Green Committee Chairman: Anthony Foulger: The green held up pretty well during the season.  We had a dry spell towards the end of the season, but we managed to get by.  We have had very good comments during the season from our players and visiting teams. Apart from rink 6 that is !!  We have had a few issues with disease, worm casts and moss which we have dealt with.  Once again, a big thank you to the switchers, Keith, David, John Pibworth and Preston. I am still switching the green three days a week and would appreciate more help! It is very good exercise and does wonders for the hips!  Thanks to Rob and Derek for cutting the grass and John for keeping the machinery running smoothly. The green has now been scarified, seeded, top soiled and fertilized and hopefully will produce new growth ready for next season.

Petanque: Rob Rixon: Fifteen members have indicated that they were interested in playing Petanque during the Winter Months. The Club’s Committee agreed that the car park could be used, so our first games took placed on Saturday, 28th September with the help of Steve Batt (a player who lives in Rickinghall). The practice / games will be played initially on Saturdays starting at 1.00pm – come along if you are interested.  We have also been invited to attend a training session by Phil Boarder, a County Petanque Coach at the Dun Cow, Bardwell on 8th October at 7pm (yes, they play under lights). If you are interested in the Coaching at Bardwell let me know otherwise see you at the Club on Saturday afternoon.   

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